TEC RAIDER - Pyrophonic Ensemble Berlin

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Tecnical Requierments
this is what we need ;-)

We need accommodation for 5 people for all time over there
and a save parking for our truck

Build up & down =
We need 8h for build up and 6 for build down
under normal circumstances

Power =
2 x 230 V 16 Amp

Lights =
ninimum 6 x 500W parcan with color filter on seperate power

Sound =
6 chanel Mixer with 6 mics SM 58
PA big enough for your venue with 3 monitor ways & speakers

Burnables =
55 Propane bottles of 11kg

Transportation =
We are based in Berlin
and every Km we drive with the hole show cost about 125 cent

Stage =
8 x 4 x 1 m with stairs in te front
scaffold in the back of the stage - see plan
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